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With 66.8 Million Euro in sales, this year C&P achieved its best results since the foundation of the company. The vacancy rate on an annual average of 0.91% was record-breaking. Compared to the previous year an increase in sales of 11.3% was achieved.


With 60 Million Euro in sales, last year C&P achieved its best results so far. In addition to that the two thousandth apartment was sold at the end of January 2015. Altogether C&P accomplished a sales increase of 18% compared to the previous year.


Since 2011 sales is constantly increasing. From 2012 to 2013 there has been an increase of 3.27%. For the first time the sales limit of 50 Million Euro has been exceeded.


For six years now C&P is able to register considerable sales increase. 49 Million Euro was realized in 2012. In number of apartments this means that 296 apartments were placed with yield orientated investors. The expansion in the German capital of Berlin has taken place. Altogether about 300 apartment keys have been given to satisfied investors.


With 46 Million Euro in sales and 283 sold apartment C&P became the market leader in the field of investment apartments for the private costumer segment. Austria’s biggest investment apartment project, Blue Ship One, includes 154 apartments and was released for sale in February 2011. Within 12 months all the apartments were sold. The sales success confirms that C&P investment apartments are advantageous not only for private individuals but also for major investors. To make sure that customers are satisfied and that their needs are interpreted correctly, C&P conducts a survey from time to time. The current costumer survey shows the following results: C&P met 98% of the costumer’s expectations concerning service entirely or it even managed to surpass them. Those costumers would recommend C&P and would also invest with the company again.


With 25 Million Euro of annual sales and 200 sold apartments C&P can count itself among the Top 3 in Austria in the special segment of investment apartments.