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F1 Fund

Your investment in native real estate is made easily.

ZuruecklehnenThe F1 fund is a closed-end fund which was exclusively distributed by the C&P Immobilien AG. As an investor you could involve in the F1 of the SRS GmbH & Co KG through a trustee and participate in rental income and in the profits of the sale of the real estate.

The fund is already placed and new issues are therefore not possible anymore.

While developing the product, the initiator mainly focused on the precise differentiation from real estate stocks. Therefore, only real estate in the German-speaking area, especially in Austria, is acquired in the F1. We think little of speculations regarding real estate in Eastern Europe, Russia or Asia but we invest in stable native values.

We did not reinvent the wheel

Reinventing the wheel was not our goal. The F1 concept is innovative but built on a reliable framework which has been tested in-house for years. That kind of know-how provides security for the investor.

With the F1 fund a product, which is more transparent and simpler than a direct real estate investment, has been created.

Do you have any questions about the F1 participation? Contact us with the contact form (click here). On weekdays we guarantee a response within 24 hours.

Of course you can call us directly. You reach our hotline from Austria at +43 3136 200 20-0. (Legal notice: The provisions of the capital market prospectus of F1 of SRS GmbH & Co KG, which is deposited at the ÖKB and retrievable on this page under “Downloads”, apply exclusively.)