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Comprehensive Service

Let us do the work, and you can relax.

An essential aspect of an investment apartment is that it is purchased to earn income by being leased from day one. The investor should not worry about renting, administration, rental law, repair work, etc. The “Comprehensive Service” that C&P offers is the ideal solution.

With the proper management of the property, lasting rental income is created. Technical, commercial and legal questions are directly processed by C&P. That means: The investor buys the apartment but the leasing and administration is taken over by C&P. It will not only be found a long-term tenant, but also the monthly rental and billing of operating costs including collections are dealt with by C&P. Any repair or maintenance work is carried out by C&P after the consultation with the owner of the investment apartment.

Safety is first priority for all concerns regarding the investment apartments. Every C&P investment apartment is provided with a first-time rental guarantee. That means that C&P pays the rent that is quoted in the contract until the C&P administration and leasing team has found a tenant. Additionally, C&P customers can purchase an optional rental guarantee for a period of 5 years.