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Investment apartments - the secure way of capital investment

Anlegerwohnung - Beispiel - C&P Consulting AGThe C&P-Model for investment apartments is simply explained. Because of the registration with the land register the greatest possible security is assured. Land is only available on a limited basis and is not reproducible. Real estate as an asset keeps its value during inflationary times and has survived various periods of crisis. With an investment in real estate a basic life need is covered. This basic human need will always be there.

The usability of investment apartments is very versatile. Retirement income could be one purpose because the constant rental income of your apartment provides a passive source of income. The C&P rental guarantee takes care of the fact that you will receive regular income from your apartment beginning day one. Furthermore, real estate is an inheritable and transferable asset which can be used as a financial support for a family. In the future nothing stands in the way of either personal use or the use by children or grandchildren.

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