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A C&P investment apartment is clear, transparent and stable in value

Finance your free time with the C&P investment apartment model. More than just one challenge can be mastered at one time. Condominiums which are bought for the purpose of leasing (also named investment apartments) offer a great possibility to build a passive income. It doesn’t matter the goal, if it is for additional income during retirement, for additional income during your active career or as a support for your children or grandchildren. C&P condominiums can satisfy more than just one of these needs.

C&P achieves high rental yields because it is only invested in large cities with great potential of development. In Austria cities like Vienna and Graz, or in Germany the capital Berlin provide great opportunities for investment. All three of these locations distinguish themselves by their excellent appreciation of value in the housing market and by the enormously strong and lasting population growth. In Vienna and Graz the number of residents increases each year by about 0, 50%.

The increasing demand for rental apartments due to population growth in these cities guarantees reliable leasing. With C&P Immobilien AG you are in good hands and you can feel absolutely safe and secure.

C&P is convinced that the available apartments offer reliable leasing. The company stands by this with its first-time rental guarantee. It doesn’t matter if the purchased apartment is rented out or not, it doesn’t matter if it is finished or not, there is an established completion date for every C&P project that guarantees the owner will begin receiving rent, no matter if the apartment is inhabited or not. With this guarantee C&P wants to show how much it is convinced of the ability to rent out the apartments.