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Customer References

What our customers say about C&P

"As a friend of Markus Ritter I can only say good things about the C&P AG. It’s amazing what the two young board members have already pulled together. From day one they have chosen a straight and honest way of doing business which is the only one that can be successful in the long term. That’s why I’m sure that we will hear a lot of positive news about the C&P AG in the future. I would trust the C&P AG with my money again at any time."

Helmut Raggam

"I’m convinced that an investment in real estate is reasonable especially in times like these and I think that I have found the perfect partner with C&P."

Jakob Schlögl
Manager of Weiss Autobusunternehmungen


"C&P AG was founded at the right time when stock markets only knew one way and a lot of financial consultants saw themselves as self-titled “Wall Street Gurus”, promising yields which did not turn out to be sustainable as we noticed during the last couple of years. However, the founders of the C&P AG have shown courage to follow a different path. The focusing on products which are designed simply and fully understandable by both seller and investor is for sure an important success component of the C&P AG. I’m confident that the C&P AG will always be one step ahead of its competitors due to new innovative investment concepts."

Mag. Mario Günther Rauch
Management Consultant


"Just as in sport I expect a lot from my partners and myself in other aspects of life, too. C&P fully meets all my requirements in this matter. I have always felt commitment, honesty and reliability on the part of the C&P AG."

Werner Gregoritsch
Team Manager U21 Austria

"Right from the beginning the C&P AG has aroused my interest, quickly generated high expectations and fulfilled those not only consistently but surpassed them. Thanks to the Comprehensive Service I didn’t have anything to do – By now I see my investment as an account with better interest rates. I’m convinced to be in the hands of experts in terms of the selection of real estate, search for tenants, monthly processing, tenant support, property management and annual assistance. All of that in combination with an unbeatable price/performance ratio, a great team with heart and humor and a “100%-carefree-package” stands for the C&P AG."

MMag. Christoph Monschein
Management Consultant

„I’m very satisfied with the consultation. An important aspect for me is that risk and income are equally balanced. The concepts of the C&P AG are perfect for my requirements."

Jürgen Wartinger
Manager of ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge GmbH

"For me investment apartments were always associated with a lot of effort in combination with high capital expenditure. When I got to know the concepts of the C&P AG, nothing stood in the way of investing in an apartment. The “100%-carefree-package”, everything from one source and the manageable investment contributions have convinced me entirely."

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Jörg Schröttner
Institute of Health Care Engineering with European Notified Body of Medical Devices Graz, University of Technology

"In my profession I’m used to weighing up price and performance. That applies to my private business relations, too. For years the C&P AG has been a serious and trustworthy partner in the field of investment – Calculable risk with high yield and exclusive support. That’s why I chose to partner with C&P in the field of investment apartments. Competence, personal support, a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism have convinced me."

Edith Hornig
Consul of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

"For me real estate means maximum safety. That’s why I chose to invest in investment apartments. What I like best about the C&P AG is the service and the competent processing. Because I’m not around all the time, I need a reliable partner who takes care of my apartments from the construction management to re-leasing. Up to now all my expectations have been fulfilled. I’m very satisfied with the C&P AG and I’m happy to be a customer at this firm."

Zofia Redler

"Due to professional reasons I don’t have enough time to take care of the administration and management of my investment apartments myself. That’s why it was really important for me to have the experts of the C&P AG fulfill this part when I chose to invest in apartments. Everything from maintenance to renting and rental invoicing is taken care of. I wouldn’t want to miss that kind of service and I couldn’t do it without it anyway."

Mag. Patricia Christina Spittau
Manager, China

"My decision of investing in qualitatively high value real estate and therefore in real values was supported by the innovative “100%-carefree-package” of the C&P AG. So far, the reliable, serious, and professional processing has fulfilled all my expectations."

Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Schlögl

"As a long-time expert in real estate, investment and insurance I highly value the C&P AG. I think that this firm is the only one which offers its customers a complete range of their product. From the sale, the competent advice, the perfect processing up to the renting, everything works great! For that reason I’m not only an agent but also an enthusiastic customer of the C&P AG. I’m looking forward to a long-term cooperation and a great collaboration. "

Roland Späth
Real Estate Agent

"For me as a professional football player it’s really important to find a stable investment which I don’t need to take care of myself. With the investment apartment of the C&P AG I managed to succeed because I found what I was looking for. It doesn’t matter if the stock exchanges fluctuate or if other economic changes take place, my apartments keep their value and can be rented easily. In addition to that I’m able to determine the duration of my investments myself. The flexibility, the safety, the service and the income after my career are the most important criteria why I chose to invest in apartments of the C&P AG."

Mario Sonnleitner
Professional Football Player

"Due to problems on the financial markets, capital investments were linked to not calculable risks in recent years. The concept of the C&P AG to invest in apartments has convinced me because the risks are manageable and stable yields can be expected. Professional advice, thought-out living space concepts and the complete service of the C&P AG have convinced me to choose this type of investment."

Dipl.-Ing. Claus Schepp
Head of Sales, Member of the Management Board