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Reliable partnership for many years

"A long-standing partnership connects us with the C&P AG. With great residential and construction projects in the segment of investment apartments, the C&P became the market leader. We are happy to contribute to that success as an advertising partner. With their professional knowledge, the experts of the C&P are important contact partners for the editorial office. Therefore, we obtain a majority for our readers regarding real estate investments."

Gerfried Gombocz
Publisher of GRAZETTA

"Being young and successful at the same time is a combination which is not that easy sometimes. That’s why I’m very happy to know Markus Ritter. Besides a profitable partnership, a great friendship has developed between us from which my wealthy clientele benefits from, too. Especially those people, who are interested in luxury real estate, examine their investments with extremely competent consultants. The C&P has proven to keep its promises and its real estate opportunities."

Marcel Remus
Estate agent for luxury real estate


"As the biggest estate agent for residential properties in Austria, SREAL is very happy to count among the preferred distribution partners of the C&P since 2011. Within the last couple of years a lot of apartments have found new owners, either for own use or as an investment of stable value for leasing. Due to the reason that our customers are always looking for attractive real estate for themselves or a lucrative investment, the C&P and its projects will be a valuable partner for SREAL in the future, too."

KR Michael Pisecky
CEO of SREAL Immobilienvermittlung GmbH
Chairman of the Association of Real Estate and Asset Trustees of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber


"I’m very happy to contribute my long-term experience as a jurist, former employee of the österreichische Kontrollbank, Government Commissioner and long-term executive board of the Universale Bau to an ambitious and growing company such as the C&P which presents innovative business models."

Dr. Josef Vlcek
Jurist, External Consultant of the C&P Immobilien AG

"In recent years we have heard a lot about an economic crisis, a financial crisis and a national crisis. It has shown us, that the cycles between economy and recession become shorter every time. This means that investors should spread their assets in many different directions. A real estate as a form of investment stands for value stability and safety, especially for long-term investors. Furthermore, the rental income guarantees a passive source of income. We are convinced that the investment in a real estate is an important component for the investments of our customers. The concept, the consultation and the processing of the C&P AG have convinced us. That’s why we recommend the C&P AG as a Full-Service-Provider in the segment of investment apartments and us, the Raiffeisenbank Halbenrain-Tieschen, as a partner for financing issues regarding real estate."

Prok. Günther Kern
Authorized Representative of Raiffeisenbank Halbenrain-Tieschen eGen.

"The cooperation with the C&P has developed into an attractive partnership. We as a specialized property development company fulfill the task of the project identification and the execution of the construction work. The C&P buys complete objects and involves itself early enough to adapt the project development to the C&P customers’ needs. Besides the fact that the C&P pursues specific targets and is the strongest partner in this field, I am proud to have a partner who abides by every agreement. I’m looking forward to more successful realizations together."

Ing. Christian Eichinger
Property Developer

"For many years we’ve been cooperating with the C&P successfully. I want to emphasize some facts: the employees of the C&P provide a high-quality service and prepare important documents very professionally. As a partner bank we can therefore quickly offer cost-effective and attractive financing solutions to our common customers."

Markus Hofer
Manager of Raiffeisenbank Pischelsdorf-Stubenberg