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Frequent Questions

What do I need to pay attention to in terms of the bill of utility cost?

Because we double check every single bill of utility cost before we send them to our tenants, we take care of the majority of the examination. The operating costs include general costs for the building such as electricity, municipal fees and cleaning costs. As a matter of course, we try to keep the operating costs as low as possible.

Until when do I get my bill of utility cost?

No later than June 30 of the following year.

Why do I have to pay for the entire operating cost back-payment even though I have just moved into my apartment recently?

It is required by law that the person that is renting the apartment by the time of the maturity of the bill of utility cost, pays for it. If the bill includes a credit, the current tenant benefits from it as well.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about the bill of utility cost?

Please contact the property manager responsible. You can find the contact details on the notice board in your dwelling house.

When is the heat turned up in the new projects?

Energie Steiermark is responsible for the service in most of our buildings. For that reason Energie Steiermark is responsible for turning down and turning up the heat which means that this is out of our operating area. Energie Steiermark decides when to turn up the heat and they comply with the outdoor temperatures.

When do I have to pay my rent?

The rent including the account of the operating costs has to be paid in advance on the 1st day of the month.

When am I able to give notice to terminate my rental agreement?

Basically we agree on a subject of three months’ notice whereby new rental agreements are only terminable after 1 year. If rental agreements were taken over from previous owners, deviating agreements can exist. Please read more about that in your rental agreement.

Do I have to paint my apartment when I terminate my rental agreement?

There are explicit decisions of the OGH regarding this topic. They say that apartments have to be painted if there has been any change or unusual wear and tear.

Am I as a tenant allowed to make any changes in the apartment?

No. The tenant has to inform the owner (or the landlord) about any changes performed. No legal or structural changes can be performed without the approval of the owner (or landlord).

Why do I have to pay a deposit to the landlord? Is it allowed to use the deposit for rent arrears?

The deposit is a guarantee for the landlord to pay for any damages caused by the tenant during the tenancy. For that reason it is now allowed to offset the deposit against rent arrears.