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Tenant References

What our tenants say about C&P

"The project Blue Ship One was a total success. I’m not only thrilled by the ideal floor plan or the high-quality processing of the interior design, but also by the light-flooded rooms and the spacious balcony/terrace. One of the main reasons why I chose this apartment is because of the great infrastructure, the access to public transportation and the highway which is in easy reach to the project. I as a tenant would favor a real estate of the C&P again."

Désirée Z.

"For me as a professional football player it is really important that I find a provider who takes care of my apartment. With the leasing of C&P this worked out great. The apartment has the perfect location and the optimal floor plan. I am enthused by the company and that’s why I’m not only a tenant but also a real estate customer of the C&P.

Anel H.


"The new building and the apartments have enthused me right from the beginning. The floor plans of the apartments are perfect and my partner and I have created a home for ourselves where we have enough space. The location is great because everything is reachable within a couple of minutes, doesn’t matter if on foot, by car, by public transportation of by bike. The property management team of the C&P is competent and takes care of every concern as fast as possible. This is why we feel so comfortable."

Joana P.

"As a tenant of the C&P I feel like I am in good hands. If there are any concerns or questions they help as fast as possible. The employees always try hard to find the perfect solution for everybody involved.

Bianca B.

"The advertising slogan of a huge furniture store says >Wohnst Du noch, oder lebst Du schon?<. Since I’ve moved into my new apartment, I was able to answer that question positively. A “home” instead of just an apartment is what I was looking for and what I’ve finally found. I’m very happy about that. C&P Immobilien AG was and still is a reliable partner."

Michael W.

"I’m the tenant of a beautiful and well equipped apartment in the Mitterstrasse. With 35 m2 the well divided apartment and the large balcony make me feel very comfortable. The perfect location and the fantastic transport connection guarantee a fast accessibility to the inner city and the surrounding areas of Graz. The Facility-Management works great and the employees are very friendly and courteous.

Susanne S.

"We’ve been living here for almost 3 years now and we feel so comfortable. We love the apartment like on the first day and we enjoy spending our evenings on our terrace. The floor plan of the apartment is just perfect and during the warm seasons the balcony is suitable for drying laundry. The neighbors are all very nice and the familiar atmosphere also welcomes animal lovers. The entire area is very neat.

Tanja B.

"After my school education I knew that I wanted to move to Graz and build a life there. Because I didn’t want to commute every single day from Bruck an der Mur to Graz, I knew that I needed an apartment in Graz. So I started looking for one that met my criteria: a central and still quiet location, a good floor plan and a modern fitted kitchen. With C&P I have finally found the perfect apartment for me."

Roland R.

"I never thought it was possible to improve the quality of life with the right choice of the living space. I’m very happy with my small but nice apartment and my beautiful terrace!

Andreas T.